Tips for New Dancers

Dancing the different dances from other countries is a lot of fun and is a good workout. If you are new to international folk dancing, don't worry. Beginners are always welcome; just keep learning, and you’ll become an experienced dancer. Here are a few pointers to follow.

1. Dress casually so you can move freely.

2. Wear clean, comfortable, non-marking shoes so the wooden dance floor isn't scuffed up. (Separate dance shoes preferred!)

3. Bring a water bottle.

4. Arrive at 7:30pm to take advantage of teaching (see A Typical Friday Night information).

5. During open dancing, get behind the dancers, and try to follow along. Don't worry about getting the whole dance, but at least see the steps involved.

6. When following along, get behind the more experienced dancers.

7. If you need assistance, ask someone to show you the step.

8. You don't need to bring a partner.